Saturday, February 27, 2010


What Happened?

When I started this blog a few years ago, I never thought I'd ever get the traffic I began to receive a few days ago when my blog about the Democrats chance to retain the House of Representatives being slim took off beyond my wildest imaginations. Before that post, I thought only friends would visit me here, and thus I had my first and middle name up in the "about me" section. I've added my last name to try and make it clear who I am.

I really hope y'all who visited come back frequently and read my posts at (where I'll be interning in the Spring and Summer). The academic quarter at Dartmouth is winding down now, and I hope to be able to blog on a more frequent basis after I get my academics out of the way.

On a side note:
My only regret about this entire experience is that the being who this blog's web addressed is named after "poughie" (pronounced poo-zhee), a nickname for my dog Cody, is not around to see people clicking on his name. He passed last June during the end of my internship at NBC News, and today would have been his birthday. I knew him for 16 years. I miss him dearly.

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