Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Strategic Vision Not So Strategic After All

For those of us into polling (such as myself), one of the more interesting stories of this year has been the charges leveled against the legitimacy of the polling company Strategic Vision, LLC. The basic argument is that Strategic Vision, LLC has produced polling data that defies statistical expectations. Put simply, the statistical patterns in Strategic Vision, LLC's polls appear to not be random and show signs that the results were simply made up by a human... The polling was for lack of a better word a crock. No actual polling took place. Strategic Vision, LLC has not admitted any guilt, but they have not published any rebuttal to the allegations or a poll since the allegations were first made.

In an interesting epilogue to the entire affair, Strategic Vision, LLC, has requested that previously available polling data from 2005-2007 via the Internet Archive be removed. Mark Blumenthal of (and my future boss in full disclosure) has properly noted that "given the swirl of accusations about Strategic Vision arising from a failure to disclose basic information about their methods, this new effort to scrub previously disclosed information from what is essentially a public library for the Internet is more than a little creepy." Blumenthal alerts us that the son of one of those who completed a statistical analysis indicating possible fraud by Strategic Vision, LLC "realized that Strategic Vision might delete their archive, and thus downloaded everything he could before it disappeared. So the archived pages live on..."

But I have my own twist to add to the story... The web pages can still be access online right now even without the Internet Archive! That's right, you can still access any of the original poll data from 2005-2009 on Strategic Vision, LLC's website. How? Well, it turns out that, despite not having one single page to display the polling data from 2005-2007 (they do for 2008 and 2009), one can still retrieve the original individual pages the polling data was displayed upon. In what can only be deemed as one of the WORST coverups of all time, Strategic Vision, LLC left the individual polling pages on its servers.

All you need to access the data is the original link to any poll. Those links are easily available from polling aggregation sites such as,, and even To see how easy it is to get the original data, you can watch the video below.

It takes a lot of time to go to what turned out to be 209 pages (208 polls) of data since 2005, and I am afraid that Strategic Vision, LLC may take down the pages. So, I have downloaded every single poll file from 2005-2009 and have uploaded it in a single zip file for anyone to download.


P.S. If you believe a poll is missing, please just leave a comment :)

Hi- It turns out my son was using these sites, not SV was faster! Anyway, his automated scripts turned up 224 polls. I've emailed the URL list to Blumenthal. And of course we have all those pages downloaded.
This has been disclosed about their business before..very strange and under the radar..
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