Thursday, June 04, 2009


Creigh Deeds lost by 360 votes not by 323

It may be a small point, but it is one I believe needs to be made. I have seen it made in 9, count em 9, recent news stories. 

The Washington Post in their surprising endorsement of Deeds for the 2009 Democratic gubernatorial primary said in reference to the 2005 Attorney General race "The answer: Mr. Deeds lost by a scant 323 votes out of roughly 2 million cast despite being outspent 2 to 1."

The problem is that Creigh Deeds lost his 2005 Attorney General race to Bob McDonnell by 360 votes, not 323 votes. Why the error? 

The problem is that Deeds petitioned for a recount (who could blame him with the small margin?). 

The Washington Post itself reported that after the recount "this remained the closest statewide election in modern Virginia history, with 360 votes separating the two men out of 1.94 million cast."

Can we get it right? 

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