Saturday, March 07, 2009


Upcoming paper: HRC ENDA polling controversy

In my upcoming paper, I will be investigating yet another Human Rights Campaign Controversy... except this time I will be exploring the topic of ENDA. As you may or may not know, the Human Rights Campaign supported ENDA without transgender protections in November 2007. Right at the time they switched their position, they released a poll that they wrote but that conducted by Knowledge Networks. This poll found most in the LGBT community supporting HRC's position, but the poll was questioned by many. Fuel was only added to the fire when the Hunter College poll I wrote about in my prior paper asked a similar question about ENDA and found that most did not support HRC's position. I explore similar complaints such as demographics and bias, but I will also look at question wording and times polls were in the field.

My conclusion will be that both the HRC written and Hunter College poll could be correct.

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