Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Thoughts on Gregg and Lynch

I'm not really much of a policy guy, but I think it will be good to get a voice for New Hampshire fighting for our economic growth and business development into the Obama administration. As we all know, this economy is a downturn. Businesses are failing left and right. As a student at this college, we get the daily emails (or bltizes) telling us that the college is in a financial crunch. The college has had to cut back on hiring new people. The commerce secretary as head of the department that helps "promote job creation and improved living standards for all Americans by creating an infrastructure that promotes economic growth, technological competitiveness, and sustainable development" is in a unique position to help all Americans during this financial crisis. Now of course, Gregg isn't going to be giving us all the money at the expense of other states. Also, Tim Geitner and the congress have much more discretion of the direction of funds. But it won't hurt if Gregg is able to throw a few more dollars this way than we might have seen if Richardson or somebody else had ended up as Commerce Secretary.
2. Senator Newman will have no power in the Senate. She will only be around for two years and has no seniority. I think that bodes very poorly for the state in a time of economic crisis when we need two powerful voices in the United States Senate.
3. Playing off 2, I'm somewhat disappointed with Lynch's pick. I know that in order for Gregg to take the position, Lynch had to promise to appoint a Republican. That said, some have an opinion that Lynch isn't willing to stake out strong positions in order to ensure a continuation of high popularity. The fact that he wouldn't appoint a Democrat to replace just plays into that belief. And if he did just make this pick for the sake of his popularity, then he literally just cost this state a voice in the congress for his own political well being.
4. In terms of the politics of it for this state, I think it means that we will probably have two Democratic Senators in two years. Congressman Hodes will run for the senate seat in 2010, and he has good fundraising prowess. and poll numbers. I believe Democrats will unite around him. The Republicans, on the other hand, have no political bench in this state to pick a candidate in 2010. As Governor Lynch announced today, Senator Newman has pledged not to run for reelection. This means that the Republicans have no obvious candidate. All the major elected positions in the state government are occupied by Democrats. The only Republicans that have recognition statewide are officials that have been recently voted out of office: John Sununu, Charlie Bass, and Jeb Bradley. Sununu's favorable ratings aren't very high, and he just lost what can only be deemed a statewide referendum on his politics and his political affiliations. Bass, former Congressman from the second district, has according to my sources shown some interest at running for a statewide office. He also has a moderate record that I think matches this state well. That said, he lost in 06 to Congressman Hodes, and he would need to reintroduce himself to the residents of New Hampshire. And finally, Jeb Bradley. He has already lost two races to Congresswoman Shea-Porter. If he cannot beat a politician that most would deem more liberal than the state as a whole in a district that is more conservative than the state as a whole, then how could he possibly win a statewide race against a more moderate candidate like Hodes.

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