Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Oh Congressman and Governor

Bobby Rush is the last politician to defeat Barack Obama in an election. For those that don't remember, Congressman Rush defeated President-Elect Obama in the 2000 Democratic Primary for Illinois' first congressional district. In that election, Rush played the role of entrenched incumbent in a district that is 65% African American. He was apart of the state machine and traditional racial politics. Somethings never change.

Today, Governor Rod B. of Illinois, a man of the state machine, decided that the only way he could save his own hide is to play to the state's machine. His decision to choose Roland Burris, who by all accounts is an honorable man, is a low point, not for the selection, but for the reasoning behind it. The Governor, ironically, brought in the race card to fill a senate seat vacated by a man who wished to defy racial politics.

And how did he bring it in? Sadly through Bobby Rush. Rush used words like "lynching" to describe those who wish to derail the appointment of an African-American. It didn't seem to cross his mind (or he chose to ignore it if it did) that the reasoning could be other than race. Of course, most, including Senate Democrats, oppose the selection out of the belief that a corrupt governor should not have the right to make the selection of a senator... especially to a senate seat he tried to sell!

It is a sad, sad day when we have a corrupt governor using a decent man like Roland Burris to try and save his hide. It is only made worse by the fact that he is doing so using racial politics and a politician that Barack Obama tried to defeat.

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