Monday, November 17, 2008


Vanessa Sievers

I know Vanessa Sievers; Vanessa Sievers is a friend of mine; you press don't know Vanessa Sievers.

The negative press on Vanessa Sievers is an absolute joke. For those that don't know, the County Treasurer of Grafton County doesn't do very much (keeping tabs on all county money, making investments and making payments ordered by county commissioners). The salary isn't exactly high at a little over six grand. I have advised fellow classmates to higher earnings on Intrade.

The point is that a student who goes to a top 10 school in the nation and has experience in organizational financing should be able to manage the job. Heck, anyone who has managed any sort of checkbook should be able to handle the job.

I am not going to go over the edge and suggest that Vanessa is more qualified for the job than Carol Elliott. Clearly, someone who has served time as County Treasurer is more qualified for the job than someone who hasn't. Carol Elliott didn't do a bad job. From I can see, she did a pretty good job.

That said, elections aren't always about job qualifications. Sometimes elections are about sex (Tim Mahoney); sometimes about corruption (Ted Stevens), and sometimes about party label. In the case of Sievers, the election was about party label. Lincoln Chafee was defeated by Sheldon Whitehouse because he was a Republican. It wasn't the issues or the stances he defended.

The fact that many voters (over 1,000) in Hanover, NH skipped the County Treasurer race ( suggests that this electoral victory by Sievers wasn't elected by "brainwashed" students who voted down ticket. Chances are that those students that didn't know about the race didn't vote.

Sure, some students voted on party label and party label alone. But as mentioned, this is many times the case. I personally feel that nothing is wrong with that. Party labels inform voters.

If Elliott was so against being judged by party label, then why be a Republican, when being a Democrat would guarantee victory?

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