Monday, November 17, 2008


Update to the Update

Alaska- "Begich wins!" will be the headline soon enough. Soon to be Senator Mark Begich leads by 1,022 votes with 24,000 votes left to be counted from Begich districts. Despite any possible recount, Begich is the winner... and Ted Stevens goes to jail.

Minnesota- 215 vote lead for Coleman going into an automatic hand recount beginning on Wednesday. Franken is hoping to get some disqualified absentee ballots counted before the recount commences. Probably not going to happen.. though I would be surprised if they eventually do get counted. Most would agree for reasons previously listed that any undervotes that are votes should for the most part help Franken. Do enough of these mistaken undervotes (versus people who actually didn't vote for the senate race) exist to put Franken over the top? I think so... but it will be mighty close.

Georgia- Same place as always. Runoff on December 2nd. Chambliss still the favorite.... for now.

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