Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Really Norm? Let's go home kids

I'll be the first to admit that the Minnesota Senate Race was closer than I thought. I thought incumbent Norm Coleman would win by a small but solid 2 to 3 points. That said, the voters of Minnesota decided to give us what is at this point the closet senate race of 2008. 477 votes out of a little less than 3 million votes cast. The vote count changes a vote here and there every few hours.

Under Minnesota state law, a recount will occur, as is the case with any statewide election where the final result is within .5%. The final result of this election was .01!

According to the Secretary of State's website, Minnesota uses optical scan ballots. This will be no Florida 2000, but those ballots will definitely be open to some error.

I am of the belief that Coleman will probably prevail.... but I don't, and no one really knows, what will happen.

So what does Norm Coleman do? Support the recount? Well of course not. While he "supports" the right of Franken for to have the recount, he calls on him "to call it off". Keep in mind, that Franken doesn't have to ask for the recount... it just happens.

Like the winning team in a contested sports event, he wants to run on the bus and drive way.

Not going to happen Norm.

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