Saturday, October 04, 2008


Could the next senator from Minnesota be neither Norm Coleman nor Al Franken? Yes. - Dean Barkley

Meet Dean Barkley. He is the Independence Party candidate from Minnesota. A Jesse Ventura protege, he ran his successful 98 Gubernatorial campaign. He also took over the seat currently held by Norm Coleman when Paul Wellstone perished in a plane crash.

In a bitter race between Senator Norm Coleman (R) and Comedian Al Franken (D), Barkley has emerged as a man unscathed. A sort of populist/liberal Republican, Barkley is running in a state and on a party line that has broken through the typical Republican/Democratic divide. For those that don't remember, Jesse Ventura won the governor's mansion in 1998 on the same line (then known as the Reform Party).

In that race, he came from far behind to defeat Democrat Skip Humphrey (son of Vice President Hubert) and none other than Republican Norm Coleman (the same Norm Coleman). At this point in the campaign, Ventura was treading water in the low teens.

Today, Dean Barkley is at least in the low teen and probably in the high teens to near 20%. Two polls have come out this week that showed opposite results for Coleman and Franken. One showed Franken in the low 40's and Coleman in the low 30's, and one showed Coleman in the low 40's and Franken in the low 40's. They both showed Barkley in the high teens. Ventura won on election day despite only in the mid 20s in the polls. Although no stat is available for the poll showing Coleman in the low 40's, the other poll has Barkley's name recognition at only 66%!

And with the mudslinging between Coleman and Franken (two Jews who clearly need to have more brotherly love), I urge all to watch the three debate tomorrow night. Americans clearly want to "drain the swamp", but they aren't sure that Franken is up to the job.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Barkley might be and might just shock the world.

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