Monday, September 22, 2008


Where the devil is the polling in New Hampshire

Only 4 electoral votes, I grant you, but New Hampshire could hold the key from saving us from an election decided by the Congress. The current polling averages have Obama up 273-265 electoral votes..... if you give him New Hampshire. But if he lost the state and won the others he is leading in the poll averages in, you get a 269-269 tie. Part of me dreams of the possibility and part of me dreads it.

So where the heck is the polling?

We are averaging a new poll every two weeks. Compare this with a state that should be less than decisive, Ohio, that is averaging about a poll a day.

Obama leads by 1.7 points in the polling average.... but that excludes an American Research Group poll (shoddy I know) that had McCain leading in the state.

Can we get some polls? We know New Mexico (a state with three polls in the past week... all with Obama up 7+) is going to Obama.... so let's move on.

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