Sunday, September 07, 2008


A quick note on not getting press

A little over two years ago, Senator Joseph Lieberman was defeated in the Democratic Primary for Senate in Connecticut by Ned Lamont. Many, including future Meet the Press host Chuck Todd, thought that poll numbers that showed an independent Lieberman leading Lamont in a general matchup would change. Their belief was best exemplified by Hardball Host Chris Matthews who declared "I see dead people" when viewing the first general election ad from Lieberman. The idea was that as soon as Lieberman was seen as defeated, Lamont would climb quickly in the polls. But something happened.

Lamont decided to take a vacation in Northern New England. Lieberman dominated the press in the days following the election. He reestablish his street cred. He remained a "serious" candidate. He went on to win the general election by 10 points.

I believe a lesson can be learned from this incident. A lesson that everyone already knows. Candidates than dominate the press win.

Governor Sarah Palin will have to sit down with the press soon enough (as she will with Charlie Gibson). For if she in anyway cedes press coverage, it could end up hurting the ticket. You might argue that she will always dominate the press coverage (she is after all a star in the making). But I believe that after a while, if she does not stand up to the heat (biased or not), it will come back to bite.

I think we are all looking forward to the Vice Presidential debate.

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