Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Now Rachel Maddow... anyone who isn't a partisan hack will stop watching MSNBC after 7pm

I started watching MSNBC when Joe Scarborough was in prime time... when Dan Abrams had his first show... when Chris Matthews had one time slot in the evening..... before Coast to Coast with Ron Reagan and Monica Crowley came and went.

I probably was the only one watching when Pat Buchanan (guest-hosting the Scarborough Country) announced that Bernard Kerik would not be Secretary of Homeland Security.

Back in the day, Keith Olbermann was the only voice on a "major" TV channel to attack the Bush administration. I remember begging a liberal computer teacher at Riverdale to watch Olbermann.

How times have changed?

Olbermann is the darling of the left. His leftist stances have only intensified and become more open. He posts regularly on Daily Kos. And the gall that MSNBC has to fairly anchor election night coverage is beyond me. If he wasn't/hasn't been openly been rooting for Senator Obama, then call me Howdie Doodie.

Chris Matthews.... well lets just say he is openly going for Obama (see his exchanges with any Clinton people during the primary). No longer does he rave about voting for Bush (who would?).

Ron Reagan has the occasional appearance on the channel..... otherwise, he is relegated to his talk show host duties in Seattle.

Joe Scarborough does well in the morning.... or so I hear. I never wake up early enough to watch. Following Tucker Carlson's departure from the nightly lineup, MSNBC was left with zero conservative hosts (sorry Kos folk, Matthews isn't conservative).

Now, the only show besides David Gregory's (good family man, saw him at the Mets/Nationals game last Tuesday) Race for the White House that doesn't have an openly partisan host is going, going, gone.

Abrams' second show is ending this Thursday night.... to be replaced by Rachel Maddow. To give you an idea, Maddow is a genius, Rhodes Scholar's generally are. But she has also been hosted her own show on liberal Air America since 2005. So it will be Matthews, non-partisan, Matthew, Olbermann, Maddow, Olbermann....

No wonder this lineup is the left's answer to Fox News. Cuse me as I pack up and move to CNN.

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