Friday, August 29, 2008


Note to John McCain

Just because someone has less experience (sorry being the mayor of a town smaller than Hanover or governor for 1 1/2 years of a state smaller than Bronx County isn't experience) than any candidate in the past 60 years doesn't mean this person is somehow a change candidate. As I recall another governor of a much larger state worked well with both Democrats and Republicans.... I also recall he didn't have too much experience (6 years in the governor's mansion). You know who I am talking about.

The point of the matter is that people are not tired only of the same old politicians but of the same old ideas. Okay, so perhaps I'm a little harsh... I mean supporting Pat Buchanan is new from a major candidate.

You could have done something that would have alienated both dems and republicans... which well would have been maverick as hell. But instead, you caved to political pressure. You chose someone that the base loooooooooooooves. And in the process, you went unconventional... in a bad way. And unfortunately for you, not all of us drink the kool-aid that Fox News is shelving out.... we don't drink the MSNBC kool-aid either, fyi.

I guess it is difficult for someone who is now 20 years old to think that his 11 year old self who sat and listened to WCBS 880 hoping you would win the New York Primary thought you pull the horseshit you did earlier today.

Cynics win. Yet, again.

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