Sunday, August 24, 2008


How Can Clinton Supporters be Comforted by the events of the past 24 hours?

Unity. That's the Democrats calling card... Unity of Obama and Clinton.

Yet, the the Politico's two front stories are all about rehashing the primary battle. The first is about the sniping back and forth between the Clinton and Obama camps. Bill Clinton is upset that he wasn't the highlight speech of the economy night. It was well documented that during the primary Clinton believed Obama was suggesting that there wasn't much of a difference between the Bush and Clinton years.

Obama's camp is frustrated by both the Clinton's camp unwillingness or inability to cap stories that she wasn't vetted seriously and their seeming belief that Obama owes the Clintons something.

It is no secret that although Hillary has at least somewhat embraced Obama, Bill has been less welcoming to an Obama candidacy. Yes, the two of them have talked on some three-plus occasions, but it was always Bill who wanted to attack Obama in a more negative tone (I was at one of the first occasions of this) during the primary.

The second story comes from Riverdale Alum Governor Ed Rendell. His belief (a belief I personally think is correct) is that MSNBC was basically in the bag for Obama. It was evident that Chris Matthews had a man crush on Senator Obama. Hillary Clinton and Matthews had some famous press run ins. Keith Olbermann was no fan of Clinton with his special comment condemning the Clinton campaign tactics. And of course, the famous David Schuster line about Chelsea Clinton being a quasi prostitute.

But the real question is why all of this stuff is coming out now? What type of united front is this?

Some Clinton supporters not supporting Obama is not some sort of fly by night story. It isn't something that will go away. 27% of Clinton supporters are undecided and another 21% are supporting McCain. The campaign better get on this in the next two months, or somehow, someway, the Democrats will squander another huge gimme.

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