Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Dear Senator Obama:

Whatever you do don't pick Governor Sebelius. If you want to go with a "new" type of politician governor, go with Kaine. If you want to go with a woman, go with Clinton. If you want to go with a "new" type of politician woman, go with McCaskill.

Sebelius has not been an effective orator on the national stage (see State of the Union response). Her pick will enliven Clinton supporters for picking a woman that isn't Clinton (trust me, I know these people). At least McCaskill is tough and has been effective on the small screen.

Kaine will be safe.... and he comes from a state that will be huge (could swing it that point or two).

Or you can just go with Bayh or Biden (though that pick is MBNA... at least according to Kos).

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