Sunday, July 06, 2008


Which two teams have the top attendance in the Major Leagues?

Well one team isn't Boston... not surprising with the small confines of Fenway.

It isn't either of the Chicago teams..... in fact the White Sox are 18th.

And no it isn't one of the Los Angeles teams, the Dodgers are third however.

The answer is New York and............ New York. The Yankees are first and the Mets second. Separated by around 2,000 on average.... both teams are over 50,000 on average per the year.

By comparison, The Los Angeles Dodgers are only at about 45,000 on average per the year.... more than 5,000 behind the New York Mets.

As it may be known to some of you, both the Yankees and Mets are moving into new stadiums next season. What you may not know is that both stadiums will have less seating capacity than the current ballparks.

What may shock you is that both teams have a larger average attendance than the capacity of either of their new stadiums will allow.

Yes, that is correct, "Citi" (whatever crock of a name that is) Field will have about 5,000 less seats than the current average attendance at Shea Stadium.

While it is extraordinarily disappointing to know that fewer people will be allowed to watch live baseball in New York City, I also want to point out some other interesting facts.

First, if you were divide the combined average attendance of the Mets and Yankees and divided by three each team would still be in the top half of the average attendance in the Major Leagues!

Second, this is not just a one year phenomenon. The Yankees have finished number 1 in average attendance since 2003, and the Mets have finished in the top three for the past three seasons.

Third, the best team in the Majors (the Rays) has the fourth worst average attendance in the Majors with a little more than 20,000 people per game.

What conclusions can we draw from this??

Well that will come later.

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