Sunday, July 20, 2008


Just to Clear Something: The Mets and Phillies Are NOT Rivals

There seems to be something of a misconception going on. Someone got the crazy idea that the Mets and Phillies are rivals. Most of us truthfully can give two hoots about the Phillies. Most of us have nothing against the city of Philadelphia, nor its people. If the Mets lose the NL East, the Phillies might as well win it.

Most Mets fans feel the same way (there are exceptions of course). So Philadelphia Phillie fans, please hate us. Just know the hatred is not mutual.

Personally, I've only disliked two baseball teams in my life... the Atlanta Braves from about 1999-2002 and the New York Yankees from 2001-present.

Some may say that my hatred of the Yankees is greater than my like for the Mets.

I will never feel that way about the Phillies.

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