Monday, July 07, 2008


A Call to Action: Polo Grounds

My father was a huge New York Giants fan. He is a huge Bobby Thomson fan. I have pictures/autographs of Thomson lining my room both at home and at Dartmouth.

It is quite unpopular for a now 20 year old to admire the New York Giants. It isn't the hip thing to do. The Giants didn't represent a boro in the same way as the Dodgers... I mean what else did Brooklyn have? Coney Island? HA.

That said, as most of my friends know, I love to play in the Polo Grounds on MVP 2005 with its quirky but beautiful dimensions (less than 300 down the lines and about 500 to dead center). Heck, I did an essay on the Polo Grounds and its effect on immigrant life at the turn of the century.

I get mocked by some friends (Mr. Lieb and even you Mr. Birsh to an extent) for my refusal to attend games at Citi Field. Besides my ardent disapproval of the reduced seating capacity, I am offended by its almost shrine characteristic for Ebbets Field. It makes sense... Mets owner Fred Wilpon was a Dodger fan. That doesn't mean I have to stand for it however.

I was quite happy to see this editorial from the New York Daily News today:

WE mustn't forget our history.... let's fix the steps.

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