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Another Version of Give Me a Break- Jerrold Nadler

I admire those who are willing to risk it all for political office. My feeling is no different toward Adam Sullivan ( who is challenging Jerrold Nadler for Representative of New York's 8th District.

That said, I really do not and cannot understand why the devil any liberal group would give Sullivan the light of day. Besides having ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of winning, he is fighting an incumbent who is a heck of a Congressman. Hell, even Sullivan admits "I have for many years been proud to boast of my representative in Congress: the progressive causes he championed, his liberal voting record, his commitment to legislation that would improve the lives of his constituents."

But the issue of impeachment (which Nadler is against) is just way too much for him to deal with. Besides the point that impeachment has no chance of happening... and is in my opinion a distraction from other important issues (FISA (which Nadler voted against), Healthcare, the War in Iraq (which Nadler voted against), etc.), Bush is out of office in 6 months. What will impeachment accomplish?

Is this some sort of change? The hope we've been all waiting for? (/Snark).

The fact of the matter is that Sullivan challenge is not one that any self respecting liberal would take part in. Many other battles are of greater importance (expanding House and Senate majorities and of course an Obama victory). Why anyone would dare fund this citizen is beyond my own comprehension. It is a true waste of time.

These are the sort of challenges that give Democrats a bad name for orthodoxy.... and make them seem quite extreme.

So let Sullivan run... and even vote for him but please don't help him.

You’re singing the Pelosi tune that the Democrats have “more important” things to do. So, tell me, what great legislative accomplishments can the Democrats point to since voters put them in the majority in November 2006. Giving telecoms immunity on FISA? Funding the President’s war for another two years? Doing nothing on impeachment? This is the change we were promised?

Nadler may have voted the right way on FISA and the war but he has gone along hook line and sinker with the majority leader’s wishes on impeachment. Sadly, they’ve put all their chips behind reclaiming the White House. And now the party’s Presidential hopeful has abandoned his message of change, which brought thousands back into the process, and appears to be moving center right in the misguided hope that this will appeal to undecided voters. It’s a failed strategy that didn’t work for Kerry and won’t work with Obama. Meanwhile, Bush and Cheney continue to plot war with Iran and ignore Congressional subpoenas.

Impeachment may be a distraction to Pelosi and her followers but to the Founders it was the one remedy they embedded in the Constitution to check abuses by the Executive branch. Sullivan is running because Nadler has broken his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Some things are worth fighting for—even if the odds are against you. The Constitution is one of them.

Jim McCabe
As a life long Democrat and a person who has lived in the 8th CD (including it's former designations) for the past 40 years. There are many reasons I am dissatified the job Jerry Nadler has and is doing in the U.S. Congress. His unquestioning support of Israel is short sighted. While he voted against the war on Iraq, he has voted for appropriations and consequently people have died. When I have spoken to him about the war he has had a defeatist attitude that nothing can be done to stop the war and consequently he has done little to end it.

These are issues that I had trouble with before the issue of impeachment even came up. Over the last year, I have spoken to him regarding impeachment and his many excuses for not supporting hearings are uninformed, arrogant and tired.

While many like Harry Joe say that there is no point because we only have 6 more months of the Bush administration. A lot can happen in six months, a war on Iran can start in the next six months and the administration as well as the next administration can continue to subvert the powers of the President and engage in illigal acts.

The time to hold this administration accountable for its actions and Jerry Nadler accountable for his inaction is now. Luckily we have Adam Sullivan to do just that.
I'm self respecting.
Do we need a Constitution or should we just strike the word "impeachment?"
By the way, at a May breakfast talk sponsored by City Hall News, an audience member from a national advocacy organization for part of the disabilities community asked Jerry what could be done about the very limited accessibility in the city's subways. His response was, "I'm sorry, I don't know." Hmm. In addition to serving as chair of the House Judiciary Committee's Constitution subcommittee he is a member of two subcommittees of the Transportation Committee, one of which is Highways & Transit. "Mr infrastructure" doesn't know? He could have offered to have a staffer get back of her. I found that shocking. I know he always shows. up. But not, it seems, to defend the Constitution or the disabled.
Harry, the issue is not whether or not Adam Sullivan has a chance of winning, it is whether or not we as citizens still have any sense of what citizenship means and what it means to stand up and fight for something you think is right, regardless of the consequences. So, let me give you a little hint: it means more than getting out to vote every 2, 4 or 6 years and genuflecting at the alter of an incumbent even if he may be “ a heck of a Congressman “ on a lot of issues. Nobody is so good that they should never have to face a primary challenge.

You say impeachment has no chance of happening. How can you as a citizen be so blasé about that when Bush and Cheney’s train of lies, crimes and abuses of authority are so extensive and well documented as to almost defy gravity? Do you really think that an Obama victory in the next presidential election is a forgone conclusion and that overnight we will see reversal of Bush and Cheney’s dangerous and unconstitutional expansion of presidential authority? Do you really want to take a chance on having John McCain getting his hands on that kind of power?

There are millions of people across the country who believe that Bush and Cheney should be impeached whether or not the mainstream media and Democratic congressional leadership choose to recognize this. Both the California and Massachussetts State Democratic Parties have passed impeachment resolutions. Would you accuse two of the country's largest state parties of not being "self-respecting liberals" or Democrats for supporting impeachment?

And regarding your contention that there are “other battles of greater importance’ like working to expand congressional majorities, getting Obama elected etc., have you taken a look at Congress’ approval rating lately? It’s even lower than Bush’s if that’s even humanly possible. Could that have anything to do with the fact that Bush has been bitch slapping and outmaneuvering Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer and “heck of a guy” Jerrold Nadler ever since the Dems took back the majority?

So, in closing let me just say that there are indeed a lot of self-respecting liberals taking part in Adam Sullivan’s campaign.

In fact, self-respect is what the Sullivan campaign is all about.
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