Wednesday, June 11, 2008


McCain's comments on Today, could be a perfect example of....

how the media frames an issue.

Here's the clip .

In it McCain says basically that when the troops come home is not that important but rather the amount of casualties suffered by the troops in Iraq. He compares it to South Korea where we have had troops for over 50 years with few casualties.

Democrats ( are jumping on McCain for saying that it doesn't matter how long the troops stay... saying the real enemy is in Afghanistan and that bringing home the troops is important.

McCain of course fires back saying that "The fact that Sen. McCain opposes a timeline for withdrawal and is principally concerned about the safety of American troops and the security of Iraq is pretty much "dog bites man."

How the media covers this story will play a major role in which side is truly seen...

Or maybe they are one of the same coin.

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