Wednesday, May 21, 2008


When do you end the partisan games? -Illness and Death

For those on the planet Zoron, Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor and will probably die within the next five years (if he's lucky). I personally took the time to reflect on how a man who was seemingly so healthy could have the carpet taken right out from under him. It especially makes me treasure the time I spend with my father who is four years older than Kennedy. I could never think in such a time to make a partisan attack. Luckily, all those that are sane agree. I am extremely disturbed that on some political message boards many have comments making light out of the Senator's illness. Many are just "your a commie, go die"... or some make light of the Chappaquiddick incident and Kennedy getting his come-up-ins. Are you kidding me? I don't go to your house and make fun of your family's illness...

But it got me thinking, when is it okay to celebrate the impending death or death of another human being.

I think we can all agree that Hitler's death should be celebrated. We could probably agree that Kim Jong-il also will not be missed when he goes. But what about people like Jerry Falwell? Personally, I didn't celebrate that occasion, but I know many liberals who did. What about George W. Bush? I know many who would like to see him go. What about former KKK member Robert Byrd?

Where does the line get crossed?

Anyone with an answer?

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