Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Obama's VP-what do you think?

The word unity is being thrown out an awful lot... "Obama should pick Clinton" they say. It will unify the Democratic party. It will help heal the wounds of the primary. White working class voters will come home and vote for Obama. Seniors will feel secure. Women will feel satisfied.

Well, here's what I know... Kerry picked Edwards, and it was a disaster. Why? They couldn't stand each other. More important than anything else in my opinion is the ability for the Prez and Vice Prez to stand each other.

Clinton and Obama aren't the greatest of friends... let's face it. Further, isn't Obama running against the politics of old?

Don't get me wrong, Obama has got to bring the party together.... but not the expense of compromising his principles...

Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard imho correctly proposes Ed Rendell (Governor of PA) to be Clinton's VP nod.

Let's talk about Rendell's one flaw... he isn't a woman. Some of Clinton's strength was white women. Someone would have to do polling on it, but I have considerable doubt that Obama's problem isn't "white women". Its working-class whites.

Rendell is Mister Working Class White. He's big... and I mean big. He won re-election in Pennsylvania by 20 points. He appeals to senior voters. He's a well established name. He has connections to all of Clinton's surrogates... and he is well connected financially (if you know what I'm saying). He has a great reputation in the Black community... he was the Mayor of Philly. More than that, he is liberal. Obama isn't imho compromising his principles by choosing him. As Barnes points out, Rendell would work his heart out for the ticket.

And let me suggest another added plus... if Obama people are so worried about losing the Jewish vote.. then wouldn't Rendell solve that? I mean he is Jewish.

Finally, he would guarantee PA.

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