Wednesday, May 21, 2008


MSNBC move to the left

I only watch one channel for election returns: MSNBC. I like Chuck Todd, the round table, and thank God for no Jonathan King and his damn google maps. But I must say, anyone who isn't noticing a move to the left by MSNBC is nuts. Chris Matthews becomes more of an Obama shill everyday... though his movement started during the Iraq War (granted I think that turned a lot of people off to the Bush and the right). Keith Olbermann has become more willing to show his true colors on the air. He even posted on dailykos..... me thinks that is a little inappropriate for someone who hosts election night coverage. At the same time, Tucker Carlson has gone the way of the oldsmobile (granted he wasn't much of anything anyway). Joe Scarborough, who despite his history with the GOP, was one of the BEST election prognosticators I've ever seen is now in the morning. So, without a rightest voice in the evening.... two leftist voices dominate nights on MSNBC.

I've got nothing wrong with leftist or rightists having shows.... but people who complain about Fox (and rightly so) for being 90% right wing... cannot do so with a straight face if they're not airing the same complaints about MSNBC and its now left wing tilt.

Furthermore, I hear that they want to give Rachel Maddow (Air-America radio) her own voice on MSNBC (or that's at least what the people at DKos) want. I personally find Maddow to be smart and engaging, but I don't need another left winger giving me the same side of the story... how about some balance.

I guess not....

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