Wednesday, May 14, 2008


John Edwards for VP? Are Flipping Kidding Me?

A lot of good things can be said about John Edwards and VP... He's a white rural guy. A clear weak point for Obama. He's liberal... really liberal. Is that a plus or a minus? I don't know.

But let me talk about the one negative that all should consider... Edwards isn't a good candidate.

I mean in his two tries for Prez, he's won how many states? Two. And they both were named Carolina.... and both were in '04. Sure, he came in second place in Iowa in '04.... and in '08. What has he done beside that? He alienated pretty much the entire Democratic Party in North Carolina. He has no Senate record to speak of.... except one that is just polar opposite his rhetoric (Now, he's a true, true flip-flopper).

And perhaps my favorite, he had to have been the WORST VP candidate since Quayle... And perhaps worse (at least Quayle won).

He helped Kerry carry NO STATES, got absolutely CRUSHED by Dick Cheney in the VP Debate (talk about watching a mac truck nailing a corvette), and got along with Kerry about as well as a dog and a cat. They had different slogans for each of them.... when they were running together!

If Obama is smart, he will stay very, very far away.

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