Saturday, May 03, 2008


The insanity that is Guam

Well, I think most of us can agree that when Guam and presidential election come together in the same sentence we have gone too far. Now, we all knew that the delegate split was going to be 2-2 (or 1/2 votes from 4 delegates to 1/2 votes from 4 other delegates). The Obama cheat sheet (which is out of date and something Clinton people have to keep quiet about) had him projected by 10+ points. People were trying to make connections between Hawaii upbringing and Guam being an island somewhat like Hawaii (I don't quite buy it).

In either event, the race really came down to whether Obama or Clinton would gain a majority because one of the superdelegates pledged to support the popular vote winner. Well Obama led throughout the day by a comfortable margin until Dededo (the most populous district... who would have known) came in "strongly" for Clinton. This cut Obama's lead to 7... votes. Now, this 7 vote lead is out of something like 4,500 cast in the presidential election. The problem with this 7 vote lead is there are a bunch of so-called "spoiled" votes from Dededo. There are also supposed "missing" ballots.

The news media called this for Obama... but with this stuff out there, I'm not so sure.

But personally, I think the whole thing is crazy.

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