Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I was WAY...... WAY.... off

Let's see what I did have right in North Carolina.... Black turnout. I said it would be 35%, it was 34%. I said Obama would win 90% of the Black vote, he won 91%.

Where I went wrong....
Clinton only won 7% of the Black vote. Further, I overestimated her percentage of the white vote. I thought would be closer to 65%, it was 60%.

Just wrong. But once again, pollsters didn't underestimate the amount of Black voters... they overestimated their vote to Clinton and Clinton's hold of the white vote.
I in turn did so.

In Indiana, African-Americans made up 15%... further away from 10%.

But really, the undecideds went to him... and that is what happened.

Overall, it was a poor night....

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