Thursday, May 22, 2008


Crown Heights 2008

Perhaps one of the most pathetic moments in Jewish/Black relations occurred 17 years ago. In New York City, the home of the great melting pot, Jewish and Black tension boiled over into what is now known as the Crown Heights Riot. I'm not going to attempt to take sides in the situation, except to say that the inaction by Mayor David Dinkins single-handedly disqualified him from serving another term as Mayor. Although the riots eventually ended, an underneath tension certainly still exists. Perhaps this is no more evident than a friend of mine whose grandparents live in Crown Heights. The anti-Semitic notions they held are quite discomforting. But it clearly isn't a single case. I was very dismayed to learn that tensions are close to boiling over again ( Thank God, we have a mayor who is in action... and a police force that is mobilized to control the situation. They won't be perfect... and both sides in this unfortunate situation will criticize them. Make no mistake, this is only a temporary fix. We need more understanding on both sides. But at least, we have a band aid.

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