Friday, April 11, 2008


Some people are just smarter than you are.. and you have to deal with it

I believe I am a reasonably smart person, not the smartest, not the dumbest. I pride myself on hard work. When the tough get going, the going get tough as they might say. I went to a high school where there were certainly smarter students than I (you know who you are). But it is at college, where the illumination that you aren't the shit truly comes to light. Yes, I believe I am smarter than the majority of students who attend this fine institution.... I am a little full of myself. But, it is those that show intellectual capacity and ability to use that intelligence beyond anything I could ever achieve that truly amaze me. I know students who are years younger than I am and are at levels of math that many seniors will never reach. I know that my UGA is only get this, I know you are waiting for it, two weeks older than I am. The way he carries himself and his knowledge make him seem like a man of 21 or 22. Further, he is looking to attend a top 10 medical school and I have no doubt he will make it.

It is easy to hold anger against people like this because you work hard and know that you can reach their level. It is to see people like this and give up because you can never hope to achieve what they have. But its hard to wake up in the morning and try. Its hard knowing that your best might not be good enough. Yet, I know that at the end of the day, my best is all I can put forth. I will never be a so-called prodigy. You cannot look back and wish for something that isn't. You must move forth with the tools you got and try to sharpen them. For as I said, it is when the going get tough, the tough get going!

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