Wednesday, April 02, 2008


SA elections

Just because I won't make an endorsement on the national level doesn't mean I won't support someone on the school level.

For SA President:
I'm leaning heavily towards Molly Bode. She clearly has a detailed platform. The candidates seem to agree on issues of being friendly to the frat organizations and gender neutral housing, but it is Molly Bode who seems to have an idea on how to get things done. I base this assumption off two facts. One, I did a search of the people who were supporting Molly Bode... I found that those in the '11 class that have a good idea of what is going in SA have endorsed Molly. Further, a google search of Molly Bode illustrates that she has been associated the SA for a long while, while a search of Lee Cooper yields only "hits" of him running for President.

Oh and it doesn't hurt that her facebook profile pic has a Riverdale Country School alum in it.

As for VP:
I'm down to two choices. The question is whether I want to go off the deep end and stick to the man by voting for Tay Stevenson. He is the stereotypical "administration has made us slaves", I'm going to give "voice to the people".... Blah. Or whether I want to vote for the safe choice Nafeesa Remtilla. She like Bode has been part of SA for forever and members like her. But she would just continue with the "status quo". As for the other candidates, Chuck Zodda would be wise to take a class on public speaking if he ever were to run for office again (hint: look at the audience when speaking and don't pick at the table when listening to other candidates). And the other candidate Ms. Smith (I can't even remember her first name that is how unmemorable she is) cannot win an election when she is not even here to campaign.

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