Sunday, April 06, 2008


SA candidate run ins

I attended the first SA debate on Tuesday evening. While there, I sat next to or ran into four candidates. I first "ran" into Tay Stevenson (who apparently had my dorm room his freshman year as he alerted me today when he went door to door campaigning). The man took my seat as I had gotten up to talk with SA member Alex Bao. I didn't ask him to get up, and I don't even think he knew he took my seat. My second run in was with VP candidate Chuck Zodda. He sat pretty much right next to me to watch the Prez candidates debate. He didn't say a word to me... and seemed more relived that his time on stage was over. Then, I ran into my preferred Prez candidate Molly Bode. I had apparently taken her seat and was sitting on her stuff after the debate when I went again to speak with Bao. After nicely explaining the situation, I removed myself and she grabbed her stuff. No asking who I was... who I was voting for...

That leaves me with Nafeesa. I was standing around with a few SA members after the debate who she wanted to speak with. Instead of ignoring me, she asked who I was as she knew she had never seen me before and wasn't afraid to admit it. Came off as personal. A politician in the future me thinks.... and probably the most impressive candidate on the stage that evening... I guess the only question I have is why she didn't run for the big job? Though I could guess.

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