Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I just voted in the SA elections...

And I was amazed that the last position on the ballot had the most candidates. Class of '11 rep to the SA had many more candidates than spots available on the council. Now, I know that there are some candidates who, in the end, are not even running (Karen Doster), but I was impressed that many of my classmates decided to take a role in the community. Yes, the SA isn't the most powerful body of all time. But, there is something to be said about participation in it. More than that, anyone who puts his or her name on the line for public approval is already a winner in my mind... unless you are Alex Bao (only kidding, I voted for ya buddy). With the positives out of the way, the rest of positions seemed either to have as many candidates as positions or not enough (five write ins anyone?). Nathan Bruschi appeared on the ballot twice... how do you have so much free time Nathan? Further, this ability to have a single transferable vote allowed me to have a little fun. I voted for Waheed Zarif a few times.... and I even for "Not the "blank[s]" above" in one contest...Wondering how I did it? I simply changed my DND nickname. Oh SA, what will you think of next?

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