Friday, April 18, 2008


Everybody is Jewish

It is only on the holiday of Passover do we truly recognize the Jewish presence in the world. I logged onto this after greeted with this article: with the headline "Why Weekend Updates May Be Slow". Turns out that the guy who gives the updates and the main updater are both jewish. But I really needed to look no further, then my own trip to NYC to celebrate the holiday with my family. I arrived at the airport and was greeted by a fellow Riverdale Alum and current Dartmouth student. I stupidly asked "why are you going home"..... I knew the answer: "Passover". I turned around, walked to the vending machine, and walked back.... and then I find out the true Jewish presence. I ran into three fellow Dartmouth '11's.... All of whom, I'm quite familiar with... We had about 33 people on that flight.... I knew 4 of them. 4/33... on a whim. What are the chances of that on a Friday afternoon flight out of Lebanon, NH?

Oh and I sat behind one of them on the airplane.

Another thing that truly united us was that we all had work in the next week. Essays and midterms were the norm. I guess that what being part of a minority religion is... the world doesn't gives us off days. Teachers don't plan around (though most are willing to meet you at the 50 yard line). In the end, our ability to come together during the holiday season is what keeps us strong.

That's really interesting. I went to public school for K-8 and all the Jewish holidays were basically days off from school (even though they weren't federal holidays) because 80%+ of the school was Jewish.

I even got those gold chocolate coins on hanukkah from my friends.
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