Wednesday, April 02, 2008


A correction on IN and new PA poll

I said yesterday that a poll from Indiana had Clinton up by 11, when, in fact, it had her up by 9 (52-43). My mistake.

There is also a new poll by Public Policy Polling that has Obama up by 2 in PA. Besides the fact that I doubt he has gained 29 points on Clinton since PPP took its last poll about 2 weeks ago, the fact is that most polls still have her lead in the upper single or lower double digits. I believe Obama won't make any more in roads into Clinton's lead because the demographics as noted by Jay Cost ( . But let's make no mistake, Clinton must win this state and win it big. She has gotta win by at least 10 points to have a legitimate shot at the nomination, and in order to have a shot at catching Obama in the popular vote, she must win by 16+. That is looking more and more in doubt now.

If Obama ever won PA, Clinton would do us all a big favor and get out of the race.

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