Saturday, April 12, 2008


Clinton thinks she has found the "silver bullet" over Obama's remarks

My guess at least from preliminary reports from the field is that its not a silver bullet, but this is yet another example of something that I believe is small being blown up against Obama. Clinton's Bosnia comments are a much bigger deal, but they are now gone from the press. They probably did some damage to her, but nothing that was long lasting. The question is why will these remarks from Obama get long airplay?

I believe its a three round reason.

1. When Clinton was the front runner, the press wanted a race, so they pumped up Obama. Any small comments like this from Obama would have gone unnoticed by the press. Clinton wouldn't have pressed the issue because there would be no reason... she's in the lead, no reason to seem like you are paying attention to a gadfly.
2. Once the media fascination with Obama ended and he became the front runner, he became the "target". They want the race to continue. They are willing to press even the smallest of things. Further, Clinton, now behind, will force the press to cover the issue (or die trying).
3. The Clinton campaign (and I believe they do have some validation) believes that if the choice is between two candidates that the public believes are the same, they will go safe with Clinton. Obama only works as the alternative. He's honest, she's dishonest. He's new, she's old. Whether this is from a policy viewpoint on such issues as the war, or on rhetoric bringing people together vs old partisan games, Obama is winning change vs more of the same. If Clinton can prove they are both agents of change, or, in this case, more of the same, then she will trump him with the experience. People believe that Clinton is better geared to play the partisan games. They believe Obama is better able to change the political way. If Obama is believed to just be another Clinton, he is screwed. That is what Clinton is trying to do. Because Obama has held himself to be something different, Clinton just needs to prove he isn't. Clinton is trying to get Obama to play on her field. It is clear she cannot play on his.

In this way, Clinton can make dishonest statements because people already expect this from her. Obama is a different story.

So because of 1 and now 2, Clinton is hoping to accomplish 3. I don't think it will work, but maybe it will.

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