Friday, April 04, 2008


Class Council.... is this democracy?

I want to say first that I had Chinese food for dinner tonight with Neel Joshi. I should further state that I watched the first SA VP debate with him. This is not a personal indictment against him or Alex Maceda.

What I would like to say is that both Alex Maceda and Neel Joshi are running unopposed for re-election for 2011 Prez and VP respectively. Are you seriously telling me that no one thought they might be able to do a better job? I'm not saying they are doing a bad job, but, I like to see options on the ballot. I mean there are certain issues I have brought up with Neel on how the council could improve (more social events earlier... keeping the class better informed on the council's work etc.). I would like to have heard to if other people might have had ideas on how to improve on these issues. Truthfully, I have no idea if other people might have done a better job. I probably would have voted to re-elect. Further, I know that it takes some true thought and soul to put your name on a ballot for public approval. I know I don't plan to run for an office as high as Class Council because of my fear of rejection (it was something I had to deal with during my runs for student council in high school).

Yet, I know in my heart of hearts that in a Ivy League institution such as this with the leaders we have that there must be someone who wanted the position of either Prez or VP and thought they could do a better job.

I guess I'm disappointed in myself in not running (though I don't really like the idea of challenging someone I'm friends with), but I'm also disappointed in all of us.

Yes, I know that Class Council doesn't accomplish much (that was part of my original discussion with Neel). So, I'm not terribly upset. But I'm a little dismayed.

But as I told Neel on Tuesday... I give him big props for being man enough to put his name on the line... and he got rewarded.

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