Saturday, March 29, 2008


Barack Obama = Deval Patrick? Obama better hope not.

Obama and Patrick hold many similarities. They are arguably the two most powerful African-American politicians in the United States right now. They both obtained their law degrees from Harvard Law. Patrick is a national co-chair of Obama's campaign. Patrick swept into office with the same change rhetoric that is currently leading Obama to an historic victory. Obama as you remember faced charges of plagiarism (those went away) for reusing lines used by Patrick without citation (on a particular occasion).

Patrick did get elected, so why should Obama worry? Simple, Governor Patrick has found a rough time of it as Massachusetts governor. The NYT notes in an article that "Early Dazzle, Then Tough Path for a Governor." YIKES! The reason? "He blames Speaker DiMasi, a veteran of Beacon Hill who embraces old-school ways of doing business and holds far more sway than the governor over his members." DOUBLE YIKES! Isn't it the fine Senator from Illinois who proclaims that he hasn't been molded by Washington yet? Isn't he the one who proclaims that he is going to be change? Clinton has already tried to link the two, which hasn't worked, but you can be sure, she'll try some more.

The article makes a good point that we hold off judgement on Patrick. But, this is not a great sign. Further his approval rating is under 50% and just north of the disapproval at 47-45. Call me crazy, but I'm beginning to lose a little "hope".

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